Michael Schreiber EN

Whether on your wedding day or at an outdoor couple shoot – during this time you give me a very personal, intimate insight into your relationship. I am very grateful for this trust and therefore I find it just fair if I also show you who I am, how I tick and what makes me special.

But do not worry, I do not want to bore you with childhood memories and tell you how I held my first camera in my hands as a little boy, how important it is to hold on to emotions or chatter about fascinating lighting scenes. After that, unfortunately, you still have no idea who I am. Therefore, I have rather put together a few qualities and passions that can describe me as a person much better.

I’m an avid amateur cook, globetrotter, an incredibly bad singer, happy husband, animal lover, motivated snowboarder, talent free skateboarder, football fan and ex-player, beard bearer, proud of my sunglasses collection and I am one half each Tyrolean  and Viennese.

I love my family and friends, traveling with my charming wife, nature, fishing and my favorite ice cream is “Malaga”. I spotted mushroom picking last year, was converted to hiking, do not eat olives, drink my coffee black, call myself a late riser, and consider Lord of the Rings the best book ever.

And now I’m really looking forward to getting to know you!