6 practical tips to save money at your wedding

How to save money at your wedding

In one of my last blog posts, I gave you a glimpse behind the scenes of a professional wedding photographer. For those who have not read this blogpost, I link the article here: 3 avoidable mistakes if you are looking for your wedding photographer! Why did I give you this insight? Because I know that a wedding involves a lot of costs and every bride and groom will try to save some money somewhere. It was the same at our own wedding. We knew in which areas we did not want to save any money (photographer, music, location) but we also knew that there might be opportunities here and there to not exhaust our budget completely.

In this blog post I want to give you 6 practical tips on where to save on your wedding. Have fun while reading!



bake it till you make it

Right at the start, a delicious tip, which we have just implemented at our own wedding and it has helped us to save some real cash. We have asked our dear relatives and guests to bake and bring a cake, muffins or cupcakes. Of course we had previously agreed with the location and it was not a problem. The trusting task of the wedding cake, we have also outsourced to a very dear and bake-experienced aunt. Why did we do that?

The self-baking cake buffet has several advantages, on the one hand it binds the guests even more into the celebration and each guest has the feeling that he personally has contributed something to this beautiful day. On the other hand, you save the cost of the cake at the reception, the cost of the wedding cake or in the evening the cost of the dessert. We knew that there would be a lot of cakes and pies left over from the reception, so instead of an extra dessert in the evening, we just had the great cakes and tarts from the reception. This was very positively received by our guests, because it was the cake of the aunt or the dear mom and therefore just as good as the extra prepared dessert.

Save money tip number 2

Make your very own “Cocktail of the Night”. At a later hour this tip will save you a lot of money. Because instead of paying all the drinks of your guests, you then pay “just” this cocktail or a portion of the cocktail and all other hard drinks, such as hard liquor must be paid by your guests themselves. We also tested this saving tip ourselves at our wedding, and it worked fantastically well. On Pinterest you will find a variety of ways you can sign this “Cocktail of the Night”, we decided a simple picture frame would be the best.


If you’re early enough, you can save a lot of money with a bit of luck, and even with the wedding dress. Most bridal gowns have a sale or sample sale at the end of the season to make way for new models of the coming season. This does not mean that the clothes offered in the sale are no longer modern or have any damage. If you do not care that the dress is from 2018 and not 2019, you can save money here. Sometimes these clothes are then discounted up to 50%.


You do not want to exceed the budget for your wedding, but you do not want to miss out on the great decoration? Then I have the solution for you! Rent instead of buying! Meanwhile, there are enough suppliers who offer their decorative items for rent. That means for you, you pay only a fraction of what you would pay if you had to buy everything yourself. And another great benefit is that you can return all the stuff after your wedding day and you do not have to rent a warehouse to store your whole wedding decoration. Believe me, that’s a huge plus! We are still looking desperately for free corners where we can stow our entire wedding decor. In summary, it costs you less and you do not have to put it off afterwards, a win-win situation.


If you like to tinker and bring a lot of time and nerves, you can also save money on forms. I would not recommend to make the invitations yourself, as the professional certainly has more experience and the better eye. It can also be very time-consuming to make one hundred invitations yourself. But, for example, the place cards, or the seating plan, you can easily make this project your own. On Pinterest you will find countless templates and ideas on how your table or menu cards could look like. Even when it comes to the seating plan, you will find creative inspiration here. However, DIY is not always cheaper! Especially when you lose yourself in the details, it can often be that a small afternoon project becomes a full-time job. The potential to save money is given, but only if you have the enthusiasm for it.



In one of my previous blog posts, I have already given you a good alternative to the popular photo booth. Here I link the article again: 5 funny tips for the entertainment of your wedding guests. In summary, the cost of the photo booth can be saved if you instead get one or two Polaroid cameras. The funny accessories can be found on Amazon for very little money.

The party is on fire, people are dancing on the tables and the dancefloor is well filled. And out of nowhere, the mood is completely killed because everyone has to go out to watch the fireworks. For me personally, that’s one of the points that you can omit completely if you want to save money on your wedding. But as I said, that’s just my personal opinion. There are certainly couples for who the firework is super important, and that’s a good thing! For me that would be the first point I would put on the cut list to save costs. For example, I would rather invest the money for a five-minute fireworks show into a great band for the evening.


Most wedding guests maul their heads for weeks, what they could give the happy bride and groom for the wedding. In some cases, it will be a good – but most common, a not suitable gift. If the bridal couple already thinks while unpacking: “Oh God, where should we put that down? And what is that anyway? “Then it was certainly not the right gift. Dear wedding guests, I have here the ultimate tip for you! Instead of the usual money envelope, just ask which wedding vendor you may pay for the couple! You can also connect perfectly with several aunts and uncles and pay as a group. For example the florist or the photographer. This is guaranteed to be better than the fruit bowl made of lead crystal of which we do not know where to hide it.

Thank you for reading my blog post. I hope there was a saving tip for your wedding here. If one of the tips has helped you a lot, or if you have a savins tip and it may be missing in this list, please write me. I’m looking forward to your messages. All the best and bye.

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